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Beauty Basics: Tweezers

SAM_0247-001There are several beauty basics that are essential to my routine and over the next few months I want to share them with you. First up are are piece of vital kit to any bushy browed lady like myself – tweezers.
When I was approximately 12 puberty hit and my brows ‘blossomed’ into a bushy mess. Not the good Cara Delevigne kind, but the sort of brow which is relatively thin all over aside from the great tufts of hair between my eyes that form the dreaded mono-brow.

In my naive youth I attempted to better my brow situation with scissors (trimming the tufty ends) and when they grew closer together I think I probably even shaved them! But thankfully a kind friend introduced me to a hot cloth, and a pair of tweezers.
There really is nothing better to tidy up unruly brows than a pair of tweezers. While waxing, threading and even lazer treatment will do the job, you always need a pair of tweezers on hand to tidy up any strays. Tweezers are also by far the cheapest method of hair removal.
Tweezerman tweezers have been a favourite of mine for around four years. While they are pricey (£12 for the mini slant tweezer like mine above) they are something worth investing in if you consider that you will use them for years, the price per month is insignificant.
They are also by far the best that I’ve tried, I often find it hard to pluck out the tiny hairs that are beginning to grow back between my brows, these are the only tweezers I’ve found that will actually grab them. They stay sharp for ever and actually come with a sharpening guarantee.
My top tips for tweezing:
1. Always tweeze on clean, make up free skin otherwise you can clog pores
2. Before tweezing, press a hot flannel onto your brow to open pores. Splash face with cold water after to close.
Stand in good light and use a magnifying mirror so that you can see and catch every stray hair, but take a step back every so often so that you don’t over pluck.
4. For the perfect shape, the front of your brow should line up with the sides of your nose or inner corner of your eye, the arch with your pupil and the ends with the outer edge of your eye (see diagram below). But remember to follow your natural shape and don’t overpluck.
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You can buy Tweezerman mini slant tweezers for £12.50 from Boots, FeelUnique or BeautyBay (currently discounted), and other pharmacies or cosmetics stores. Tweezerman also sell a variety of tweezers in a wide range of style and colour from £12.50 to £21.50.

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  1. I have Tweezerman ones as well, they are the best I've used ever, xoxo.


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