Saturday, June 21

Beauty Basics: Tweezers

SAM_0247-001There are several beauty basics that are essential to my routine and over the next few months I want to share them with you. First up are are piece of vital kit to any bushy browed lady like myself – tweezers.
When I was approximately 12 puberty hit and my brows ‘blossomed’ into a bushy mess. Not the good Cara Delevigne kind, but the sort of brow which is relatively thin all over aside from the great tufts of hair between my eyes that form the dreaded mono-brow.

Sunday, June 15

Lush’s Angels on Bare Skin

I’m now onto my third or fourth tub of this lovely scrub so I thought it was about time I mention it.
I was recently looking for a new exfoliator to try, just because I wanted to switch things up a bit, but then I came across this petition concerning tiny plastic particles in scrubs which are polluting the ocean. So I decided I’d stick with my tried and tested, wonderfully natural exfoliator from Lush.