Wednesday, November 4

H&M beauty collection: The pencils

H&M lip and eye liners

Since it’s launch around a month ago, everybody is talking about H&M’s brand new range of beauty products. They have everything, from nail polish to foundation as well as a few skincare bits and all housed in black, white and gold packaging.

I was drawn to the lip pencils as the shade selection looked great and at £3.99 each they’re a good way to test out the range. After far too long spent kneeling on the floor and swatching like a mad woman, I picked up the shades Savouir Faire – a mid toned dusty rose and Prairie Sunset – a soft brick red. Savouir Faire is gorgeous and perfect for a nude(ish) lip when you still want a little colour. Prairie Sunset is a nice classic neutral red, which is nice, but completely different to the colour I was seeing under the H&M store lights. Keep this in mind if you’re shopping; swatch a few colours, pop out to see how the swatches look in natural light, then be amazed at how how long they stay on your hand.

The formula of the lip pencils is great. They stick around for a really long time and have a soft matte finish but are still fairly creamy and easy to apply all over the lip. They’re far from hydrating being a matte pencil, but don’t seem to dry my lips out and feel comfortable to war. They could definitely be used on their own but I enjoy using them as a base for lipsticks to help with longevity.

I also picked up one of H&M’s eye pencil’s in Over the Taupe, a gorgeous deep sheeny taupe with no glitter. This is equally as impressive in staying power as the lip liners. The eye pencils are a little more creamy, giving you some play time if you want to smudge them out, before setting down. I’m so pleased with this purchase as this is a seriously gorgeous eyeliner, perfect for adding a little smoke to an everyday eye, lining your waterline if you don’t want to go for black, or even creating a base for a dark smoky eye.

I can’t think of any comparable eye pencils on the highstreet. Rimmel’s Scandaleyes Kohl’s come close but aren’t as creamy or as long lasting. I also love the shade range that H&M has – plenty of gorgeous neutrals but more interesting than your basic golden brown.

I’d definitely recommend picking up some of H&M’s eye and lip pencil’s. I’m planning on picking up the lip liner in Cherry Tart, the eyeliner in Grand Cru and probably a few other shades! Have you tried anything from the new H&M beauty collection?

H&M lip liner, £3.99, H&M eyeliner, £3.99


  1. The new H&M beauty line looks so cool, everyone seems to love it! Can't wait to try it out:)

    1. The pencils are really great buys, especially the eye pencils as I don't think any on the high street compare!


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