Saturday, December 5

Downloadable Christmas Shopping Spreadsheet Template

With Christmas drawing closer and only two and a half weekends left before the big day, it's time to get serious about Christmas shopping - if you haven't already. I've actually done almost all of mine already and for the last two years I've done so with the help of an excel spreadsheet. I realise that not everybody wants/needs to organise their Christmas shopping with the help of a spreadsheet, but that's the kind of person I am.

I've created a four page spreadsheet with space for gift ideas, shopping lists split by person and by shop and a gifts bought section so you don't lose track of what you already have. There are sums in place ready to add up your totals. If you need to add (or remove) in an extra line, just click on the row you want to add i.e. click on 5 to highlight the whole of row 5, then right click and 'insert' to add a row or 'delete' to take one away. This way the suns should still work.

I've filled in some names, shops and gifts already to help make my layout obvious, but of course you can just delete these before you fill in your own. 

Find my spreadsheets on Google Drive here. There's a new Excel file, an older compatible version and a PDF just in case. Enjoy!

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