Thursday, December 17

Ready your body for Christmas!

At this time of year, nothing helps induce the Christmas spirit in me more than festive scents. Spiced apples, oranges and cinnamon immediately evoke a sense of festivity and bring back holiday memories. Candles are the obvious way to bring a little Christmas spice into your life but I’m currently getting my cinnamon fix in the shower – thanks to Korres.

I fell in love with Korres Vanilla Cinnamon scent years ago when as a teenager I ‘borrowed’ a sample size my Mum had picked up. The scent is a perfect blend of warm cinnamon spice with the sweet vanilla, but it’s not sickly.

Like all Korres showergels, this one lathers up really well and feels lovely nice on the skin. They are free from a long list of bad ingredients which you can find on the handy list down the side of the bottle but unfortunately aren’t free of sulphates. However as I tend to use these sporadically and not daily for more than a could of weeks at a time I don’t find that the sulphates have time to upset my skin.

Moving onto the moisturiser which has, I think, a slightly stronger cinnamon scent than the showergel. This is a lovely thick cream which nourishes the skin nicely leaving a warm cinnamon perfume behind. I really like the Korres body milks, they suit my skin nicely. On days when I want to soften the scent a bit and amp up the moisture I mix in some oil.

Korres Vanilla Cinnamon Showergel, £8, Korres Vanilla Cinnamon Body Milk, £10

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