Friday, April 15

Le Soft Perfume: Parisian Rhapsody and Etre Ici Et Ailleurs

I love solid perfumes; they seem to have a more gentle scent than most perfumes and are of course perfect for travelling with. Unfortunately they can be hard to find but I think they are becoming more popular on the high street. I recently purchased two Le Soft Perfumes; Parisian Rhapsody and Etre Ici Et Ailleurs from Sabe Masson and I think they're great.

Both have a base of mango butter and tamanu oil which are moisturising on the skin. You may not care about hydrating your inner wrists or neck but in theory the moisturising properties should help with longevity. They apply smoothly but don't leave a greasy residue.

Both of the scents I chose are similarly soft florals with notes of vanilla and musk.
Parisian Rhapsody: Top Notes: Orange, Red Fruit Heart Notes: Rose, Jasmine, Nutmeg Base Notes: Coumarin, Vanilla, Musk
Etre Ici Et Ailleurs: Top Notes: Pink Pepper, Orange Heart Notes: Iris, Heliotrope, Tuberose, Daffodil Base Notes: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Amber, Musk

I think I prefer Parisian Rhapsody overall, it has most of my favourite notes; rose, jasmine and vanilla, but Etre Ici Et Ailleurs is equally lovely.

Le Soft Perfumes have the sweetest packaging! It's practical too, the cardboard is lightweight but hardy and the solid perfume twists up for easy application. The formula is quite hard but they are strongly scented so this helps to apply only a small amount at a time and means that they will last well. My only niggle here would be that though the packaging is pretty great, and there is a decent amount of product, like many cosmetics, twist up the product and you'll find that it could have been housed in something far smaller.

I've been reaching for these loads in the last month or two. They are wonderful little solid perfumes which kick of beautiful, well lasting scent. I'm very impressed and am already lusting over some of the newer scents. I bought mine from Escentual but it looks like they may no longer be stocking them.

Le Soft Perfume's by Sabe Masson, £17.50

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