Sunday, April 10

L'Oreal Brow Artiste Shaper

While I love using a powder on my brows for a natural and full shape, and I reach for a brow mascara when I really want to pump up the volume, day to day I always reach for a pencil because nothing builds up shape and quickly defines like an eyebrow pencil. L'Oreal's Brow Artiste Shaper in Brunette has been my brow pencil of choice for a year or so now and I've repurchased it over and over. 

Looking first at the coloured side of this brow duo, I love the dry formula of the pencil. It applies smoothly and doesn't drag but it has a slightly dry, hard formula which means that each individual stroke you make stays sharp.

All that said, this is a well pigmented pencil. It quickly lets you build up faux brow hairs, filling in any gaps and defining your shape in a jiffy (aka the 30s I have reserved to do my eyebrows before the morning commute). 

Colourwise, this is a pretty good match for me, it blends in really well with my eyebrow colour. If I could I would have it a tiny bit more on the taupe side as when blended it can lean a little warmer. Overall though it's a great match for me and I've not found anything better on the hightstreet. 

Moving onto the other end of the pencil, there's a clear 'fix & finish wax'. Honestly I don't get much use out of this. It does help give a little natural looking hold to my brows but they are so unruly (despite being fine) that most brow mascaras struggle to hold them down so this wax has no hope. If you have tamer brows though you might like this. 

Because the coloured pencil is well pigmented and hard, it lasts me long enough to keep buying the pencil even if I'm not keen on the other side. Overall I love this and reach for it most days. Even if I am going in with a powder I will use this to fill in my arches as it lasts longer and applies sharper than a powder. 

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