Saturday, April 30

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Matte-Lip

I've been on the hunt for some of the matte dusty pink/nudes that have been so popular in the last few months. So when I spotted these adorable little matte lip crayons from Soap and Glory I snapped them up. 

The Sexy Mother Pucker Matte-Lip crayons are priced at just £3.50 and are a really great way to build up a matte lip wardrobe without wasting money or product. I chose the shades Pretty Muted, a pretty light rose toned pink, and Chocoberry, a deep brown rosy nude.

Both shades have a smooth, slightly slippy texture when applied to the lips. This means that while the look matte they don't emphasize cracks or dry patches on your lips and don't dry them out either. The lipstick shaped bullet makes for really easy application. 

The crayons are well pigmented and build up very quickly to a strong opaque colour on the lips. I find that Chocoberry is a little more stiff in formula and closer to a standard lipstick texture. This works in it's favour as it's darker and needs a more precise application. 

In terms of lasting power, they're pretty average. If you aren't eating or drinking the colour will last a few hours, leaving behind a slight stain. If you are eating, they will disappear pretty quickly and they do transfer. That said although they're comfortable, they aren't a 'slippery' lipstick in the way that some will just slide over your mouth and leave you constantly terrified that you look like Miranda Sings. 

They aren't scented so should please everyone. I like the packaging, it's small and subtle. These don't need sharpening and I like that the plastic matches the colour of the lipstick. My only complaint is that the amount of product in these is tiny, which is fine as they are so inexpensive, however I feel like the whole stick could be about half the size that it is. I hate wasted packaging!

Despite my pet peeve for oversized packaging, these are brilliant little matte lip crayons with a beautiful shade range. If you're looking for an easy matte red I bet that Ember Red would be gorgeous.

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