Tuesday, May 28

Nails of the Day #1 | MUA Bright Coral


Another one of Mua's £1 nail polishes, Bright Coral is a lovely vivid coral shade that looks peachy pink in some light, orangey red in others. It reminds me of Essie's Cute as a Button but vamped up.

It applied easily but a little sheer, though it was opaque across most of the nail in two coats, I found that when it I was getting sheer patches at the bottom of my nails where the brush had pulled the polish. This is probably more to do with my application than the polish and was easily solved by carefully painting a third coat after I'd let the layers dry for a little longer than usual.

With a topcoat (Rimmel's Pro Super Wear) it lasted around 4/5 days before I had any big chips and wanted to take it off.

I think it's a pretty decent polish, such a beautiful colour and a bargain for £1.

You can buy Mua Polishes from Superdrug stores or online at Superdrug.com or Mua online.

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