Monday, May 20

Revlon Baby Stick in Pink Passion

Cream blushes seem to be all the rage as the days get warmer and summer hints that it's on its way. I love cream blushes because they give a natural glowing effect that's hard to achieve with a powder without a lot of shimmer.

Revlon Baby Sticks are a cream stick cheek and lip product neatly packaged in a very sweet wind up tube - a bit like a really fat lipstick. I picked up the shade Pink Passion, a vibrant true pink in the bullet.

I find the Baby Stick really easy to apply; I just dab the waxy stick a few times on my cheeks and blend with a real techniques stippling brush, but you could use your fingers. I love the colour, i find it to be a really flattering cool toned pink that blends well with my skin. In terms of colour pay off, it's a sheer product but easily buildable.

I like that it isn't highly pigmented and think that it works well with the product because it's so easy to just pick up, swipe, blend and go. Very low maintenance. However when I swatched shades in store I noticed that the other two shades, Tahitian and Sunset, gave a pretty sheer colour, especially the peach Tahitian shade.


The finish is slightly dewy but pretty low key, it just looks fairly natural. I find that it wears pretty well on me, lasting power is good. They have an odd plasticy scent but I find it's only noticeable if you sniff the bullet. As a lip tint, it isn't great, it does give a slight wash of colour but I couldn't wear it without a lip balm as it's drying. I do love the packaging, it's small and easy to use - I really like applying cream blush from a stick.

Finally, the price - Revlon Baby Sticks are £6.99 each and contain just 2.8g of product. That is a ridiculous price considering Revlon Photoready Cream Blushes are just £1 more but contain 12.4g of product and they are highly pigmented. 2.8g is a very small amount, most lipsticks contain 4g of product.


Even though I really like my Baby Stick and find myself reaching for it a lot, I wouldn't recommend it and I wouldn't buy it again. For the price there is just too little product, and I think that although I like the formula, many people would find it too sheer. Next time I'm looking for a cream blush I think I'll try Revlon Photoready or the new Bourjois offerings.

Revlon Baby Sticks are available in Boots & Superdrug for £6.99

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