Sunday, June 9

A Sweep of Teal: Collection Felt Tip Liner



I'm a neutral girl through and through, I must have a hundred different shimmery champagnes, metallic golds and buttery browns, but on occasion, once in a blue moon, I'm in the mood for something a little brighter.

When I do fancy swiping on a spot of colour, I tend to stick to something subtle. I think partially because I'm not very daring, but also I find that colour can be quite hard to work with. I lean towards graphic sweeps of colour because I think it's easier to keep it chic.

I bought Collection's Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner in Teal last summer. I figured at just £2.99 it wouldn't be a huge loss if I seldom used it. It applies really nicely, heavily pigmented, quite wet but quick to dry and once it's on it will stay put for a long time. I swatched it on my arm this morning and it hasn't budged a bit. Even if I rub it like crazy it doesn't seem to fade. The felt tip format is also really easy to apply - perfect if you find liquid eyeliner tricky.

Unfortunately despite it's long wear this liner has a habit of transferring onto my crease. No matter how much powder I pat into my eyelid it always seems to settle there. The only thing I have found to counteract this is pressing a similar coloured powder on top of the liner. It works but it's risky, for some reason my left eye has a faint arc of green above the socket but my right eye is fine. And even if it does leave you crease-line free, it is a lot of effort to put in when it should take seconds to sweep on a line of colour.

This is also really difficult to get off. Eye make up remover quickly gets rid of most of the green but leaves a faint line that will probably stick around for a good 24 hours regardless of the amount of scrubbing.

If it didn't involve such effort and constant worry that I have a crazy sixties style crease line going on, I think I would wear this a lot. It really is a brilliant product with just one drawback. I'm sure I'll keep breaking it out every now and then but it isn't something I can use frequently.

Collection Felt Tip Liners are £2.99 from Boots & Superdrug.


I wanted to mention that I have the same product in black and it is a completely different formula. I've heard good reviews about it, I know that Alix of I Covet Thee recommends it, but I find that it isn't very pigmented, and it wears off quickly.


  1. I always end up with eyeliner on my cease too lol. Its a great shade though, xoxo.

    1. It's such a shame that it does transfer because in the short time before it does I love wearing it xx


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