Friday, November 13

Bargain high street creamy concealer

Seventeen Stay Time Concealer Extra Fair

Collection's lasting perfection concealer has become a cult product among beauty bloggers and enthusiasts. It's often labelled as a dupe for the Nars Creamy Concealer and finds it's way into plenty of 'drugstore favourites', and '10 under £10s'. However, if I'm really honest - I'm actually not that big a fan.

I've been through a fair few tubes of the stuff but always found it a little drying under the eyes, which is where I need concealer the most. I put up with it because it's only £4.19 and I didn't know any better, that is until I found Seventeen's version.

Seventeen's Stay Time concealer is far creamier than Collection's Lasting Perfection. It's a lot kinder under my eyes, really easy to blend and still packs a punch in the coverage department. It doesn't cake up and look obvious when I'm trying to cover serious bags. Honestly if you struggle with dry under eyes and find your concealer doesn't sit well, give this one a go I think it's seriously underrated. I've swatched the Nars and even Urban Decay's Naked concealer but both are dry in comparison.

On the whole it gives a very natural appearance and thus works well on it's own if you don't want to wear a foundation. It works well on other areas of the face too though perhaps could be a bit better at covering redness, like on the tip of my nose which seems to permanently shine in a Rudolph esque red glow.

This is a great option for dryer skinned gals like me and the price difference is negligible (it's 30p more than the Collection). My only real quibble is that the tone could be a little better. My shade is Extra Fair and blends into my skin well but would be great in a slightly more peachy tone. I'll forgive this though because it's so hard for me to find a concealer to suit my pale skin, I'm just grateful I can pick this one up for less than a fiver.

Have you tried the Seventeen Stay Time Concealer, or do you think I'm missing out on something even better?

Seventeen Stay Time Concealer, £4.49, Collection Lasting Perfection, £4.19 Nars Creamy Concealer, £22, Urban Decay Naked Concealer, £17

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