Sunday, November 8

The Beauty Blender: worth the hype?

Beauty Blender

Since the original Beauty Blender was created in 2003 it's cemented its place as the beauty industry's favourite sponge. In the past few years, plenty of other brands have been coming out with their own 'dupes' and lots of beauty bloggers and makeup artists have dismissed them as lesser competitors. So is the original pink sponge worth it's resound praise or it's £16 price tag?

My answer in short is yes. I've previously tried Real Technique's makeup sponge and I did like it. It's unique curves are a nice shape for applying makeup and it's a good texture when it's damp but it wasn't something that really wowed me so I stuck to brushes. Until I had the Beauty Blender.

There's something really unique about the original Beauty Blender. When it's dampened it has such a great texture; super bouncy, dense but light at the same time. It's simple shape actually works really well. The pointed end is great for blending in concealer under the eyes and getting into any corners of the face. The round end is great for tapping in foundation, blending out blusher and basically a multitude of uses.

If you think that spending £16 on a sponge is expensive (as my boyfriend certainly does) think of it this way - you'd probably spend that on a good brush, and the Beauty Blender easily does the job of several you already own.

So how do you use it?

Prep: It really works best when it's damp. I know it's an effort but after washing it thoroughly then squeezing out any excess water into a clean towel it's going to apply your makeup so well.
Application: I like to use my Beauty Blender as a blender rather than to apply product. For foundation/concealer I usually apply roughly with my fingers, spreading lightly over the areas I want covered, and then blend out by patting my Beauty Blender over my face. Patting helps to keep the coverage your product is offering but the Beauty Blender gives a natural finish.
Cleaning: I usually clean my Beauty Blender every one or two uses which is once or twice a week as I don't wear makeup everyday. I flick between Dr Bronner's solid soap and the Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser. The latter works a little better but it's a lot more expensive, you can use whatever you're using for your brushes as long as you're cleaning it thoroughly.

Have you tried the Beauty Blender, or do you think you have a dupe that could rival the original?

Beauty Blender, £16, Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser, £14


  1. It really does a great job. But it's expensive for a sponge, definitely (:
    Nati xx

    1. Yeah, it's a pricey piece of sponge but if you can afford it, it's definitely worth it!

  2. I've never tried a blender but I've always wanted to! I didn't realise how expensive they were though.. definitely puts me off a bit even if they are good! xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

    1. It is pricey really, and I'm not sure it will last as long as a brush - but since I've had mine I've basically forgotten about all of my foundation and concealer brushes. It's perfect for building coverage and keeping a natural finish.


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