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Best budget face brushes

Make up brushes from Real Techniques
I use a lot of make up brushes - like a lot. Surely more than anybody needs for one relatively small face. However, every time I do a deep clean I'm surprised at just how many brushes I've managed to get dirty. That's proof though that I do actually use the large amount of brushes that I own. Above are my favourites and the ones that I use pretty much every time I apply make up.
You'll notice that almost all of these are from Real Techniques. That's because they're brilliant and they don't cost the earth. They are simply the best option for brushes on a budget, I've not tried anything that competes for face brushes. The synthetic bristles are cruelty free and work better than any animal hair could at buffing in your product without drinking it up.

Let's start with the oldest brush on the table - the Buffing Brush. It's a cult favourite for a reason, perfect at blending in foundation whether it be cream or liquid. In the last year I've discovered the magic of the beauty blender (read more about that here). But occasionally, often when I'm using a slightly thicker foundation, it's fun to apply a blob straight onto the brush and just blend it right out on the face.

Next up are powder brushes. For applying a loose powder to set my face make up - I opt for the Duo Fiber Face Brush. This disperses a really thin layer of powder, perfect for setting make up but keeping a glow.

At the moment I mostly use the Setting Brush to apply powder more precisely. But it's a wonderful multitasker. It is lovely for blending out concealer under the eyes if you prefer a brush to a sponge. It's a nice size for applying highlighter and you can even use it as a massive blending brush for the eyes if you want to seriously tone down some shadow. I own two of these because they're brilliant!

The Stippling brush has been a long favourite of mine to apply blusher. I almost solely use cream or liquid blushes as I love the dewy and natural flush they give. This brush is perfect for picking up small amounts of product and blending out smoothly on the cheeks.

For highlighter I like the Fan Brush as it helps softly dust on powder and blend it out. That said, this is the only brush I'm not 100% sold on. It does the job fairly well but I think I'd like something a little fuller so I'm on the look out for something different - recommendations welcome!

Finally, when it comes to contour I've strayed away from Real Techniques. Don't be fooled though this is still a really affordable brush. It looks like the Nars Kabuki Artisan brush but it's a dupe at only a fraction of the price. I don't often buy brushes from Ebay but this post from Fee at Makeup Savvy prompted me to order this brush and I'm actually really impressed. It does a nice job of applying powder products; blush, powder and contour all apply beautifully. The tapered shape makes it perfect for contour and the loose and fluffy bristles help to blend.

Buffing Brush as part of the Core Collection, £21.99, Duo Fiber Face Brush as part of the Duo Fiber set, £23.99, Setting Brush, £6.99, Stippling Brush, £11.99, Fan Brush as part of the Sculpting set
no longer available, Kabuki Brush, £1.58 including shipping.

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