Wednesday, December 23

Makeup Inspiration: The Force Awakens - Rey

The seventh instalment in the Star Wars franchise is finally out and as a huge Star Wars fan I'm excited about it to say the least. I've been twice since it was released less than a week ago!

When I take a trip to the cinema, I personally love to take a little inspiration from whatever I'm seeing. In the case of The Force Awakens, I threw on a Star Wars t-shirt and put my hair up in Rey's tipple bun style (great tutorial here) and opted for a very 'no makeup-makeup' look.

I began with the very subtle YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation to help brighten up my skin and a little pinpoint concealing with Vichy's Dermablend to hide a few blemishes. I didn't skimp on the brows but I went for a natural finish just using some matte brown powders and my L'oreal Brow Artiste Pencil.

The eyes were the most fun. Rey/Daisy Ridley had very natural eyes but with some subtle definition. I began with a pale cream shadow all over the lid and then blended a matte brown shadow into the crease for natural definition. I noticed in a few closeup shots that Rey has the slightest bit of black liner around her eyes which I replicated with black eyeshadow on a fine eyeliner brush. I patted this into my upper and lower lash line as thinly as possible and finished off with some Benefit's They're Real mascara on my top and bottom lashes. A brown may work better but I didn't have one on hand. To soften my lower lashes I blended in some light brown shadow underneath my eye.

I added some subtle colour by blending Benefit's Benetint onto my cheeks and lips for soft and natural colour then set my makeup with a soft dusting of Bourjois Java Rice Powder. Finally, to add a 'running around in a desert glow' I patted a tiny drop of Pai's Rosehip Oil patted onto my cheekbones which added some pretty, non greasy shine - far more realistic than a shimmery highlighter.

And then I went off to the cinema and thoroughly enjoyed The Force Awakens - no spoilers but it gets a thumbs up from me. I'd love to know if you are ever inspired by a film or TV character?

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat, £28, Vichy's Dermablend, £15, L'oreal Brow Artiste Pencil, £4.99, Benefit's They're Real, £19.50, Benefit's Benetint, £24.50, Bourjois Java Rice Powder, £9.99, Pai's Rosehip Oil, £22

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