Tuesday, December 29

Best in 2015 - The Extras

Following on from my Best in Beauty 2015 - Skin there are a few bits I wanted to mention that didn't quite fit into either skincare or makeup (coming soon!). These are the extra bits I've been loving all year that I don't put on my face.
Let's begin with hair - I'm not really a hair kind of girl and that's mostly because mine is straight, fine and limp and fights hard to stay that way no matter what I try. I do however, religiously brush it because it tangles easily. The Tangle Teezer has been my absolute favourite for several years now. It makes life far easier as it glides though every knot in my hair without pulling. I like the compact styler as the bristles don't bend.
Moving onto the body I let go of my beloved Naked products this year as sadly the natural skincare company dissolved. So I've had to look elsewhere for a sulphate free body wash. This Yes To Blueberries Ultra Hydrating Body Wash has been a brilliant replacement. It lathers up really well, smells slightly sweet but isn't overpowering and it is honestly very hydrating. The first few times I used it, I could really feel it moisturising my skin. I'm on my second 500ml bottle now and I'm sure I'll be repurchasing in 2016. Top tip - these are frequently on offer for around a third off.
When I do actually bother to put on a proper moisturiser, I've been opting for something from Korres. Moisturising your body is a big chore but it helps if your body lotion smells absolutely gorgeous. The Korres Japanese Rose Body Milk has a lovely strong floral scent which lingers happily on my skin. It does a lovely job of keeping my skin hydrated too and means that I don't have to bother with it everyday but it's not so thick that it's hard to rub in. 
My feet are more demanding when it comes to moisturiser hence I opt for Soap and Glory's heavy duty Heel Genius. I've waxed lyrical about this before so I'll simply say that nothing else penetrates the dry skin on my feet and keeps them as lovely and soft as this. Bonus points because it smells lovely and the cream is a pretty turquoise. 
Also pictured is a body brush which I've been using more and more this year. I've owned this brush for longer than I perhaps should but have never used it religiously until this year. Body brushing is brilliant for a variety of things but I love it for exfoliating skin and reducing cellulite. Brushing once or twice daily leaves me with really soft smooth skin.
Finally, my most worn scent this year has to be Rosie for Autograph EDP. This is a truly beautiful light floral rose and it's only £14 for 30ml! I love this soft and delicate perfume all year round but if you like something heavier for winter there is a night version.

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