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Benefit's lash curling Roller Lash review

Benefit's Roller Lash, a small black mascara tube sitting on top of ribbons
A close up shot of Benefit's Roller Lash mascara wand
I'm a long time fan of Benefit's They're Real mascara so I was excited to try out the newer release, Roller Lash.

Roller Lash is supposed to give long lasting curl thanks to it's unique 'Hook 'n' Roll' brush. I'm lucky enough to have lashes that are fairly curly on their own but I loved the look of the curved brush on this mascara wand. I find that a curved wand can help to build and define lashes because it fits the natural eye shape.

On first impression, as I had predicted, I liked the application with the curled brush. Roller Lash helped to quickly build length and applied a lot quicker than They're Real. It perhaps offers a little less volume but I think I may prefer the fanned out, defined lashy look it gives.

In terms of curl however, I don't think it adds much. In fact I feel like the somewhat heavy formula was actually weighing my lashes down a bit. I've heard mixed reviews of this mascara but I have noted a few people complain that it really doesn't add curl, which is a shame because I love the concept.

The other issue I had with Benefit's Roller Lash was that it became uncomfortable after long wear. The formula dries quite hard on the lashes and I found that after wearing it for a few hours it became annoying and my lash-line actually hurt a little. I don't think I had any reaction to the product, it felt like the hard formula had made my lash-line ache when I'd squinted and blinked throughout the day. It also takes quite a lot of work to take off.

Regardless of these issues I do really like Roller Lash, it looks really good on and gives a nice natural but fluttery and lengthened appearance to eyelashes. I think overall I prefer They're Real but I will be using this bottle up - just not wearing it for long periods!

What do you think of Benefit's mascaras? are you a They're Real girl or do you like the new Roller Lash?

Benefit's Roller Lash mascara, £19.50

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