Thursday, January 21

Growing stronger, healthy nails

A bottle of Opi nail envy and Leighton Denny's glass nail file
For most of my life I struggled with short, weak and flaking nails until a few years ago I purchased my first bottle of OPI's Nail Envy. Along with a glass nail file and a little bit of attention I now have strong and healthy nails that need little to no looking after.

There are a multitude of nail strengtheners out there and while I've tried a couple of cheaper options nothing comes close to OPI's Nail Envy. This treatment applies like a thin topcoat and sinks into the nails leaving them with a nice shine. I use this on it's own, reapplying daily as a treatment, or as a base coat underneath colour when I don't want to go bare. This completely saved my weak and bendy nails, I love it! My nails are no longer flimsy and don't flake at the tips.

Another nail saviour of mine is the Leighton Denny glass nail file. You may think your emery boards are doing the job - but try a glass file and you'll be converted. This smoothly buffs away at nail tips without roughing up the edges, leaving stronger nails. I love it, it's a small investment that will last a long time, and it looks far prettier than your bog standard cardboard file.

Both of these can be purchased at Boots, but Nail Envy is a lot cheaper on Amazon.

OPI Nail Envy, £18.50, Leighton Denny Glass Nail File, £12.50


  1. I've tried a few nail strengtheners which have been okay but never this one! It sounds great, I'll have to get myself a glass nail file too! x

    1. It's my favourite. I like that it looks nice on it's own as it just adds shine to the nails, but also works well as a base coat!


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