Tuesday, January 19

Favourite jewellery pieces

I'm not really a big jewellery wearer. In fact it's something I frequently forget to put on, but there are a few items that I always reach for when I want to wear something pretty.
I love delicate jewellery, especially when it's gold, and simple pieces are my thing. For that reason I love a simple pair of pear drop earrings. They're pretty and classic but simple enough not to be outdated. I wear these a lot in the evening or to work when I still want to keep my jewellery simple.

Jacket earrings, or swing earrings, had a big moment in 2015. I love the pretty look of an earring jacket peeping out behind the ear. I have a couple of favourites, a smaller floral peach pair which looks really cute in the summer, and some in a more sparkly leaf pattern. I love earring jackets because they look a little bit edgy and different but still cater to my simple tastes.

The big chunk of amethyst is a lovely Christmas present from my sister. I love raw rock jewellery because again, I think it looks edgy but still very pretty. I love the way that this pieces is dipped in gold at the edges and sits flat on the skin. You can find this amethyst slice necklace and lots more semiprecious stone jewellery at Poppy Kitten Designs.

A cameo is a classic and I love my tiny little cameo pendent for wearing with vintage style dresses on summer days. The tiny rose design and it's small size keeps it from looking Victorian.

Finally, probably my most worn piece are the little blue opal stud earrings. I love these because they are so easy to wear and look pretty with most outfits. They are from this lovely jewellery shop in Swaffham, Norfolk but there are similar styles around.

I know that a lot of these pieces are no longer available but I wanted to share my favourites for some inspiration. Just looking at these has made me want to jewellery shop - I'm loving everything ASOS has at the moment!

Some classic pearl drop earrings, 1, 2, 3, Petty jacket earrings, 1, 2, 3, Classic cameo necklaces, 1, 2, 3, Opal stud earrings, 1, 2.

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