Monday, February 29

Fashion Week inspiration: Oscar de la Renta graphic liner

I've always been excited by fashion week and love browsing through the galleries of beautiful clothes on Vogue. In recent years though I've been more interested in the catwalk beauty looks. They are a brilliant source for fresh inspiration and they also give a hint at the beauty trends that will trickle through to the masses in months to come. 
This year I was excited to see a graphic eyeliner look at Oscar de la Renta that I thought might be somewhat wearable. So I grabbed my eyeliner and a sharp angled brush and went to town. 

Starting with the skin, I gave myself a fairly full coverage matte base but didn't spend too long worrying about it. For brows I went pretty heavy but followed my natural shape and focused on brushing the hairs up. The lips were pale and natural so I ran my foundation brush over my lips and applied some clear balm with my finger.

Moving onto the eyes which are the most exciting. I evened out my skin with a little concealer and then applied a powder to give myself a clean base. I went in with a black powder first on an angled brush and mapped out my shape. Keeping the focus on the wing I stamped a very thin line to blend the heavy wing into my lashline and drew the wing up high towards the corner of my brow. I pulled my brush from the top of the wing back towards my inner corner staying just above my natural crease line. 

Once I'd mapped out my shape I went in with Topshop's Magic Liner and followed that with more black powder to keep the liner very matte. I also went through a lot of cotton buds neatening my lines and trying to keep them symmetrical. I finished off with a light coat of mascara as I didn't want to distract from the liner. 

I had fun trying out this catwalk makeup look but I'm not sure I'd wear it again. I'd consider a softer line through the crease for a more sixties inspired look but at the moment I'm not brave enough to wear such a bold liner. That said this is a wearable catwalk look as you only really notice the graphic lines when you're looking down or blinking, Give it a go at home and see what you think!

Which catwalk looks were you inspired by this fashion week?

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