Thursday, March 3

Collection Eyes Uncovered palette in Nude Grey

I love a good drugstore eyeshadow palette and these eyes uncovered palettes from collection are some of my favourites. I was excited to see that they've bought out some new shades recently (although I have a feeling this one was already released) which inspired me to pick up Nude Grey. 
This six pan palette is a blend of golden taupes and grey tones with a nice matte cream and black shade at either end. The quality of these eyeshadows is wonderful. For such a cheap eyeshadow palette. you get a wonderful does of pigment and blendability. I really like the balance of neutral shades which are perfect for an everyday look but will easily create a smokey eye. As there are a few mid toned shimmery shadows in the palette you have quite a lot of options in terms of eye looks too.

My criticisms would be that there isn't a good crease colour. You can use one of the shimmery shades in the crease but personally I prefer to use something matte and I've been reaching for another palette to do this. Also the matte cream shade is the odd shadow of the bunch; it's really chalky and poorly pigmented. You can barely make it out in my swatches above. 

Overall though this is definitely worth picking up. It's added some nice nude shades to my collection that I didn't have before and I love that matte black for a powder eyeliner. For less than £4 (£2.99 at the moment!) this is a great buy. 

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