Monday, March 28

Glamour Balance Me Freebies

I love it when a magazine offers some great beauty freebies with an issue and the April 2016 UK Glamour magazine has some seriously wonderful Balance Me products on offer. The month is nearly over so I wanted to mention how brilliant some of these products are.

I am already in love with the Radiance Face Mask. This brightening cream mask contains walnut shells which help to exfoliate your skin as you apply. You only need to keep this mask on for around 5 minutes which I love because I can apply it in the early hours of the morning before I shower and brush my teeth and wash it off as the last step of my morning cleanse. It leaves my skin feeling really soft and helps to diminish redness and scarring while brightening my overall skin tone. This radiance mask gets a big thumbs up from be.

Unfortunately the Tinted Wonder Eye Cream left me pretty disappointed. I was hoping for a lightly tinted eye cream that would help perk me up on no-makeup days. This cream however is very orange and very hard to blend. It's almost impossible to get a smooth finish to this, even with a beauty blender and I feel as if this product is surely designed to help cut down your beauty regime so should be very easy to apply. It doesn't brighten my eyes and the few times I have used it it didn't leave my eyes feeling any better either.

There are two more beauty bits to pick up from this months Glamour magazine. A hand and body wash I haven't tried but I love some other body washes from Balance Me so it's sure to be a great. There is also a tinted lip balm which I've tried in the past and liked. These tend to be very sheer but contain brilliant ingredients and smell gorgeous so are worth picking up if that sounds like your jam.

Glamour is only £2 so it's definitely worth heading out to pick up some of these wonderful Glamour freebies before the month is out. I think I'll be heading out to grab another Radiance Face Mask!

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