Wednesday, March 30

Origins Out of Trouble mask

I am a mask addict. There's nothing better to perk up the skin and erase a multitude of skin sins than a great mask. This one from Origins I actually picked up accidentally but I have grown to love it and reach for it whenever my skin feels 'off'.

This clay mask is actually aimed at oily to combination skin and claims to 'sop up oily-shine, slough off sticky, dead cells, and sweep away irksome debris'. This mask has a fairly standard clay texture but is a little looser than some with a sort of whipped feeling. The first thing I noticed when using it was the smell, which I cannot recommend, it smells like something you should be grouting your tiles with not putting on your face. It also has an odd tingly minty feeling that leaves your face feeling fresh and cold for a little while after use.

That said, the results are actually brilliant. I tend to use this when my skin texture is a little rough and oily and whenever I feel suspect bumps that threaten to turn into spots. I always find that my skin is left looking clearer, brighter and tighter (but not dry). There's something in this mask that just seems to reset my skin when it's feeling clogged and tired.

Overall I love Origins Out of Trouble, it's a brilliant clearing mask that I fit into my skincare routine on the regular. I would warn anybody with dry skin to use this with caution but I have very dry skin and don't find that it dries mine out at all.

Origins Out of Trouble mask, £23

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