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Sleek I-Divine Palette in A New Day

Sleek eyeshadow palette in A New Day
Sleek eyeshadow palette in A New Day left to right: Top row: Sun is shining, brightside, daydreamer, let it go, don't worry, be happy. Bottom row: feelin good, silver lining, shine on, carpe diem, believer, h-a-p-p-y
Sleek eyeshadow palette in A New Day swatches on arm

Sleek eyeshadow palette in A New Day believer swatch
Sleek's I-Divine makeup palletes have long been talked about and praised for their high pigmentation, beautiful colours and low price. Despite my large collection of eyeshadow palettes, I'd never got around to buying one until a recent Boots haul when I picked up two for £10. The one I'm going to talk about today is A New Day.

This beautiful eyeshadow palette is a new launch and a lovely collection of warm golden and bronze neutral shades. There are five matte shades, six glistening shimmers and one pearly highlight (Feelin' Good) that sits somewhere in-between.

I picked up this palette because although it just another warm neautral eyeshadow palette, it contains several shades I don't already have. Be Happy and Let It Go are two lovely peachy matte shades that would be perfect both on the crease and on the lid. Sun Is Shining is a lovely warm golden yellow that would look beautiful on a sunny summer's day - though it kicks off more shine than it does pigment so it would work as a subtle look.

The matte brown H-A-P-P-Y  is great to alternative to black to smoke out a look or use as a powder liner. There are two more perfect matte crease shadows; Daydreamer, a light brown and Carpe Diem, a purpley taupe. Don't Worry is a lovely antique gold shade though it can come off a bit patchy. Shine On is a gorgeous pale gold in the pan but unfortunately it's also quite patchy and barely pigmented. Silver Lining is a nice shimmery bronze/grey which again lacks in pigment but is buildable to a strong colour. Brightside is a gorgeous peach shimmer that thankfully does come off on the lids as well as it does in the pan.

I love Feelin Good; a beautiful pink/cream sheen with a satin finish that would look gorgeous as a brow highlight. Believer though is my favourite shade in the palette. A beautiful champagne shimmer that actually would work well as a highlighter on the face (see above swatch).

Overall then I'm really pleased with this pallete and I have been reaching for it a lot. I absolutely love Believer and have used it all over the lid, as a highlight on the eyes and as a highlighter on my face and it works beautifully. That said, I'm not sure I would recommend this palette as some of the shades let it down - particularly Shine On which I honestly I can not use as it is so poorly pigmented and almost impossible to build because it's so patchy and lacking in colour.

There are cheaper palettes on the highstreet with better shadows, some of my favourites are from Makeup Revolution. However, if you are tempted by the beautiful shades like Brightside, Believer and Feelin' Good and the matte shades in the palette which are all well pigmented and bendable, then this is still a good buy at £7.99 or less if you can pick it up on offer. That's not a high price to pay for at least eight or nine beautiful neautral shadows housed into a sleek (pardon the pun) palette, perfect for travelling.

Sleek I-Divine eye palette in A New Day, £7.99

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