Sunday, March 6

An old favourite: Benefit's Benetint

I wanted to talk about an old favourite today. I've used Benefit's Benetint for a good five years now, ever since I got a tiny bottle with a magazine and it was instant love.
Benetint is perfect for creating a really natural 'English rose' flush. I use this a lot but always reach for it when I want to enhance my own appearance and features rather than put on a 'makeup look'.

Onto the formula. This is a liquid tint, and feels basically like water. It's extremely thin but well pigmented and will stain so you need to move quickly with it. I'm making it sound very difficult to use but I promise you it isn't!

I find it easiest to brush a couple of strokes on one cheek at a time and quickly blend with my Real Techniques stippling brush. It blends in very easily but as I said, it is well pigmented so don't use too much at a time. If you've nervous I would apply a little product straight to your brush and dab on your hand to get an idea of the colour before applying to the cheeks. On the other hand you can definitely use this with your fingers rather than a brush if you don't have one or are travelling light.

In terms of staying power I find this lasts pretty well on me. As I said it is a bit staining but I've never had any trouble taking it off at the end of the day. You can also use this on your lips; I will dab a little product on my fingertip and pat into my lips. It leaves a pretty rosy stain which you can apply a balm over but honestly on your lips it won't last very long.

Something you might not know is that Benetint was originally created for an exotic dancer in the 1970's who wanted something to 'perk up' her nipples that would last all night. Benefit's co-founders Jean and Jane Ford steamed rose petals to create the rouge stain and it still smells like rosewater today.

Benefit Benetint, £24.50 for 13.5ml or you can buy a 4ml miniature for £5.

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  1. I love this and I love the Posie Tint too! I haven't actually used it on my lips though! I can't believe thats why it was originally made! haha x


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