Sunday, April 3

Benefit Tinted Lash Primer & Roller Lash

I have been using Benefit's Tinted Lash Primer for a couple of months now and I really like it on its own as a low key brown mascara. It's perfect for the office and quick, easy makeup routines. Certainly a lighter formula than the original They're Real mascara but it still adds a good amount of length and definition.

I realised recently that I'd never actually used it as a lash primer so I gave it a roll with Benefits Roller Lash.

First up, I do like Roller Lash but even though I'm a couple of months into this sample size tube, I find I always have to take a lot of extra product off the brush before I apply. Otherwise I'm left with crazy amounts of product and struggle to get an even natural appearance.

So I applied a light coat of the Tinted Lash Primer on each eye before going in with Roller Lash. I was quite impressed, I was prepared to dislike the effect because I really like natural and defined lashes, but actually this worked at giving a little extra volume and oomph to my lashes without adding extra clump.

I'm a fan, but it's not something that I've been doing everyday. I'm sticking to the lash primer on it's own and breaking out Roller Lash at the weekend!

Benefit Tinted Lash Primer, £18.50 Benefit Roller Lash, £19.50

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