Friday, April 1

Dewy and glowing: easy highlighting tip

Today I wanted to share a quick highlighting trick that I've been doing in the past few weeks. This little step helps my highlight look really natural and dewy. 
I begin by applying my highlighter as normal; brushing across the cheek and browbones, a little on the nose and the cupids bow. At the moment I'm using this great little highlighting shimmer brick from affordable brand, Makeup Revolution. It's a really pretty highlight that is actually one of the less glittery powders on the highstreet, but still very intense. Review coming soon!Once I've applied my highlight, I've been taking a tiny bit of facial oil on my fingertips and dabbing it on top of my cheekbones. This helps add shine without glitter and blends the highlighting powder seamlessly into the skin. As I said, I tread lightly applying only a little at a time! I love this rosehip oil from Pai but you could really use anything as it's on top of your makeup and won't really be benefiting your skin. I imagine a little coconut oil might work. I love this step and it looks great with summery natural makeup. I would say that this works best over a light base as the oil will disrupt foundation. I don't apply foundation to my cheekbones so I don't have any issues.What do you think, I would love to hear if anybody tries this highlighting tip out! Please also share any other highlighting tricks you might have. Makeup Revolution Shimmer Brick, £3, Pai Rosehip Oil, £22

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