Saturday, May 21

Collection Eyes Uncovered Smokey Purples

I love purple eyeshadows. They are an easy way to wear colour and I find that purple tones really bring out the green colours in my eyes. It can be hard though, to find good purple eyeshadows, particularly on the highstreet. So I was really pelased to pick up this little affordable eyeshadow palette from Collection.

The colour range in this palette is brilliant. With a white highlight perfect for the inner corner, brow bone or for adding light to the centre of the lid. The second shade is a stunning lilac that looks almost iridescent. Two mid-toned purples one cooler one warm and bright give you flexibility with the colour. Finally two dark tones let you line your eyes or smoke it out.

As you can se from the above image, these are well pigmeted and swatch beautifully. Most of the shades work really well on the lid especially the light lilac shade. Unfortunately, as I often find with purple shadows, when blended out a little they look murky and lose the purple tones.

That said I have managed to build up a gorgeous purple smokey eye with these eyeshadows and actually I still think this is a great palette.

If purple isn't your thing, I've tried some more of the Collection Smokey eyeshadow palettes and found them all to be great. They're such a good buy and perfect for travel.

Collection Eyes Uncovered Smokey Purples, £2.99

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