Tuesday, May 17

Disappointing prodcts: Kind Natured Colour Care Coconut & Shea Conditioner

I'm always on the hunt for a nourishing conditioner for my dry ends. I love using natural formulas as I find that they tend to be very nourishing.
I was excited then to see a new natural haircare range in my local boots. Especially with such sweet packaging. I picked up Kind Natured's Colour Care Coconut and Shea conditoner. My hair isn't coloured but I love coconut and shea on my hair and looking at the ingredients list this looked like the most nourishing formula.

Either I as wrong there or these conditioners aren't very nourishing at all. I've used up the whole bottle of this conditioner and while at first I thought it was just a bit lacklustre, I think now that using it for seveal months has reduced the condition of my hair.

On application this has a weird waxy feeling, that feels as if it's not really penetrating the hair. It isn't thick; on the hands it feels like any other conditoner until you try to apply it to the hair. I tried towel drying my ends before I put this on but it didn't make much difference

After washing my hair was lightweight as usual but didn't feel very well nourished. Perhaps I chose the wrong formula but coloured hair tends to be dry and brittle so I had thought this would be great for my dry ends. I've used the bottle up but I won't be repurchasing and don't think I will try anything else from the range.

Kind Natured Colour Care Coconut and Shea Conditioner,  £4.99

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