Thursday, June 9

Botanics Hydrating Eye Serum review

I recently picked up a new eye cream to replace Pai's Echium & Argan Gentle Eye Cream, which I liked but wasn't wowed by. I opted for something cheaper but still offering me hydrating and mostly natural ingredients; the Boots Botanics Hydrating Eye Serum, Tripple Age Renewal.
Eye creams are tough. I know I need to use one but in reality, at 23 I don't often see a difference when I use one.

I've had the Botanics Hydrating Eye Serum for a month or so now and I have definitely enjoyed using it. The formula applies really easily to the eye, sinking in quickly but not immediately to the point where you wonder if you applied enough product.

Although it's called a serum I don't think it's too thin. I have dry eyes and like something that feels hydrating on application and sits well under skincare and makeup. The Botanics Hydrating Eye Serum does this well.

Ive found the eye cream to be moisturising and now that I'm thinking about it perhaps the fine lines under my eyes have lessened a bit. I do feel like my undereye circles have been looking better recently but that could however just be down to a change in the weather or a number of other factors.

I will say that I haven't missed the Pai Echium & Argan Gentle Eye Cream. The Boots Botanics Hydrating Eye Serum is a very good cheaper alternative and I would recommend it but don't expect the world fromantic an eye cream that's under £30.

Boots Botanics Hydrating Eye Serum, Tripple Age Renewal, £9.99

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