Thursday, December 24

Quick and Easy Winter Lunch

With Christmas coming tomorrow, you hopefully be looking forward to a huge dinner with all the trimmings. To tide you over on a cold winter's day, here's a really easy recipe for a healthy and delicious lunch - baked sweet potato with brie.

1. Scrub your sweet potato nice and clean and pop it into the microwave - for two medium sweet potatoes I put my microwave on high for six minutes. While the potatoes are cooking, put the oven on high.
2. Carefully drizzle some oil and salt on the microwaved sweet potato skin, and pop them on a tray in the oven for another 10 minutes.
3. Once they're out slice them lengthways and mash them slightly with salted butter. Pop a few slices of brie on the hot potato to melt and, if you are a cheese fiend like me, finish with even more cheese grated on top.

Then your lunch is ready! I realised I said healthy at the start of this post and this doesn't look like a healthy meal but it's just a dressed up vegetable and you can always skimp on the cheese for less fat. Sweet potatoes taste far better than your average Maris Piper, and are also much smoother when baked making for a delicious lunchtime snack. Enjoy!

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