Saturday, May 14

Rosie for Autograph Summer Rose

Since I picked up the original Rosie for Autograph fragrance a year or so ago, I have been reaching for it on the daily. So when I heard there was a new Rosie for Autograph fragrance that 'Summer Rose' I knew I would love it.

While the oroginal Rosie foe Autograph lerfume is a simple (but beautiful) rosa centifolia scent, Summer Rose is a lot more green and fresh.

The top notes are fruity with fresh pear and blackcurrant. The heart is made up of red rose centifolia, jasmine and lily of the valley. Finally the base notes are sandalwood, moss and musk.

I don't pick up on the blackcurrant at all and while there is a hint of musky base the overall scent is very green, fresh and floral. It's nice and sharp when first applied but becomes a little more subdued as it warms to the skin.

I don't think it's a very strong rose scent, I pick up more on the lily of the valley but this makes it a different perfume to most that I own - I really like rose!

I still love the original Rosie for Autograph fragrance whish is a lot softer and a little more sweet. The new Rosie for Autograph Summer Rose is beautiful too and a perfect fresh scent for summer. It's well worth a spritz if your in a Marks and Spencer and at £14 for 30ml it's really a bargain.

Rosie for Autograph Summer Rose, £14 at Marks and Spencer.

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