Thursday, May 12

No7's Protect & Perfect Intense Facial Sun Protection spf50

It's safe to say that summer has finally hit and for me that always means it's time to up the anti in the SPF department. When I'm searching for a summer SPF I look for something with a high protection from both UVA and UVB rays. No7's Protect & Perfect Intense Facial Sun Protection SPF50 fits the bill.

As it's from Boots it falls under their UVA protection rating and offers very high broad spectrum protection. Lots of sun protection products offer broad spectrum but it can be hard to tell how much UVA protection a procduct is providing, thankfully it seems like brands are getting better as the public becomes more aware of the need for sun protection.

Back to the product in question, the Protect & Perfect Intense Facial Sun Protection offers SPF50 and a five star UVA rating so should keep you from burning on holiday but also protect your skin from high UVA rays on the daily throughout the summer in the UK or wherever you may be.

Given the high protection this is perhaps not surprisingly a very thick white cream. It has a bit of a white cast but once blended well I don't think it is too bad, though I am very pale. It is however pretty greasy and thick. It certainly doesn't dry down and does somewhat sit on the skin.

I frequently wear this under makeup and I don't find it's too greasy as a base but being dry skinned I usually opt for something with a bit of slip. Even so I do find I have to be careful when applying powder products on top of this as they can ball up a bit on the skin.

Overall I'm not a huge fan of this facial suncream. While I appreciate the high factor sun protection I know that there are better formula's available. I would opt for La Roche-Posay's Anthelios XL Ultra Light Fluid, on offer at the moment on Escentual and at Boots.

No7's Protect & Perfect Intense Facial Sun Protection SPF50, £14.50

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