Saturday, May 21

Collection Eyes Uncovered Smokey Purples

I love purple eyeshadows. They are an easy way to wear colour and I find that purple tones really bring out the green colours in my eyes. It can be hard though, to find good purple eyeshadows, particularly on the highstreet. So I was really pelased to pick up this little affordable eyeshadow palette from Collection.

Tuesday, May 17

Disappointing prodcts: Kind Natured Colour Care Coconut & Shea Conditioner

I'm always on the hunt for a nourishing conditioner for my dry ends. I love using natural formulas as I find that they tend to be very nourishing.

Saturday, May 14

Rosie for Autograph Summer Rose

Since I picked up the original Rosie for Autograph fragrance a year or so ago, I have been reaching for it on the daily. So when I heard there was a new Rosie for Autograph fragrance that 'Summer Rose' I knew I would love it.

Thursday, May 12

No7's Protect & Perfect Intense Facial Sun Protection spf50

It's safe to say that summer has finally hit and for me that always means it's time to up the anti in the SPF department. When I'm searching for a summer SPF I look for something with a high protection from both UVA and UVB rays. No7's Protect & Perfect Intense Facial Sun Protection SPF50 fits the bill.

Sunday, May 8

Seventeen Shimmer Brick in Pink Bronze

Shimmer bricks are such a wonderful multi use product. They work as a highlight, bronzer, eyeshadow and even a sheen blush if the formula is right. I picked up this pretty pink toned shimmer brick from Seventeen a month ago when they had a buy one get one half off offer.

In the pan there are four gorgeous rose gold highlight shades. The last swatch in the image above is the four colours together. Each colour is well pigmented and very shimmery. They give off a nice highlight sheen but there is some detectable glitter so one to be weary of if wearing in sunlight.

The formula is oddly a bit stiff, it feels hard in the pan rather than creamy like a lot of good powder formulas I have. That said it is well pigmented and applies well, it just is perhaps a tiny bit chalky.

The real let down for me is the colour. While I love the beautiful rose gold highlight tones, they are far too dark for my super pale skin. I think that as a highlight palette this would work well for somebody with darker skin.

I can still use this shimmer brick as eyeshadow and if I'm feeling adventurous I'll reach for the lightest shade as a warm highlight but it's not a formula I would write home about so perhaps it's one to skip. Makeup revolutions shimmer brick packs much more of a punch!

Seventeen instant glow shimmer brick, £4.99

Friday, May 6

Disappointing Product: Topshop Smoke Stick

I love the idea of eyeshadow sticks. A quick and easy product that helps to create a one step makeup look. Build up a smokey eye in seconds. Unfortunately so many of the eyeshadow sticks or eyeshadow pencils that I've tried end up looking crease, too sheer and rough in texture on the lid.

I picked up three of the Topshop shadow sticks in a gift set and was excited to Tey out the gorgeous metallic shades. A peak nude,  a champagne shimmer and a deep chocolate bronze.

These swatch ok and are nicely pigmented. The lighter shades have a beautiful metallic shimmer while the brown is a little less shimmery but not matte.

Unfortunately when applied to the eyes these were pretty awful. While the formula is creamy enough it applied very patchy and sat on the skin rather than blending in. When blending out the product looked smudge and uneven. I can't comment on the lasting power because I haven't worn these enough to test it out.

These are issues I've had with similar product before so I'm not surprised. I think I may just be very picky with cream eyeshadow formulas, I'm looking for something smooth and blend able with an even pigment that sets down.

I love the No7 Shade and Define sticks, they're brilliantly smooth and long wearing. I would recommend those over the Topshop Smoke Sticks any day.

Topshop Smoke Sticks, £6.50